My name is Noah Verkaik and I am a web/game developer. I am from the Netherlands. I really like spending my time programming web pages and games. My skills currently include Java, C#, Python, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I also have a YouTube channel where I upload videos where I play games either alone or with friends. If you would like to learn more about me, head to the About page.

Latest finished project

"Twisty Text converter"

This simple web app allows you to convert regular text to a 'rotating' twisty text. It repeatedly moves the first letter to the start and puts the result sentence onto a new line until it has finished the loop. It is something I made to practise my JS/CSS/HTML skills. I was sending messages in this style, but it took forever to do manually, so I thought "I could write a program to write this for me", so I did! If you want to use this style of text, you should definitely check this out to save some time!

Highlighted project


More coming soon...