A virtual version of the classic card game Uno.

Visuals showcased are subject to change.

The original Uno™ remade into a virtual version, playable on both Mac & PC

The card game you know and love, but now playable on your computer for free! The game is and will always be completely free.


We aim to make the gameplay as accurate to the original game as possible, with some fun additions that don't change the core game. We are using the official Uno rules as a reference, and try to follow them as closely as we can. We also allow you to modify certain aspects of the game to fit how you like it.


In singleplayer you can play against three bots who will do anything in their power to beat you. Are your strategies good enough to beat them?


If bots are not your thing, you can also try out our multiplayer gamemode. Here you can either play alone against three enemies, or in a team of two with another player against two enemies.


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